A User Friendly Tool for Both Students and Lecturers

A test bank is an electronic testing resource which is ready made and can be customized by the lectures for their teaching. A test bank is tailored to the contents of a particular textbook. In the test bank zone, solutions and feedback are sometimes also provided with the answers submitted by students containing the page references to the specific book. The questions that are provided in a test bank are generally of the following categories:

Multiple choice questions

True or false determinations

Fill in the blanks.

Essay type answers.

Short answers

Matching of sentences

Test banks are also available in a number of software formats in order to carry for a long variation and wide range of students and others. The password protected system ensures that only approved lecturers gain access to modify the files in the test bank. Normally test banks and the solution manual is created and designed by the textbook manufacturer company or some specific lecturers of the relevant course.

This is mainly created in order to help the students so that they can practice more to gather some deep knowledge of a particular subject or course. All you are required to do is just type-in the name of the book, ISBN number or search phrases linked to your topic in the search box. You will be offered accessibility their huge data source which provides details on various control guides. They also rate such guides according to their reputation and overall reliability in the market.